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Zeno Structural uses a "MODEL FIRST' system.


We work closely with your project manager to create a "BUILD PLAN" 3D model that helps in finding and solving design drawing inaccuracies,  fabrication issues and build plan structures.

Rendered Images

Our modeling system can also be incorporated in your fabricators bid process.


We can provide rendered 3D images to help customers visualize projects from the fabrication to the installation.

3D Model exports

We model in Siemens Unigraphics nx. This software is the very best to create fast, reliable and editable models.

We provide specific exported file types including step, stp, stl, parasolid, obj and iges!

final as-built models

a "FINAL MODEL"  will be provided to the fabricator to assist in shop practices including weight calculation, center of gravity, part and fastener counts!

And in most cases 3D models are part of the projects requirements.

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